1. so I’ve been cut free for 3 days :D


  2. So…

    I started cutting again… and i haven’t been doing this much cutting since i lived with my mom. 

    oh and i haven’t eaten anything today. and my head feels like its empty… if that makes sense. 

    and yeah i forgot what else i was gonna say 


  3. Just gotta say…

    that everyone is like 
    ew guy sperm taste so weird!

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  4. I know people are gonna be like ewwww

    and poop…

    but i had my first legal cigarette

    It was better when i wasn’t old enough to have them :D oh well haha 


  5. I wonder when my heart is

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  6. Why am i so damn implosive?!

    I got in a fight with my step mom

    she got mad at me for making her son pick up his dogs mess

    and she told me i should of done it because of *insert racist comment here*

    and yeah so i got mad

    and then started scratching my arm…

    yeah she said i can’t leave the house for a month… 

    because i made him clean up his dog mess :D 

    Isn’t that just fantastic?!

    yupp that’s my life for you

    oh i’m going to be 18 in a week 0-0  


  7. I’m sorry i not very good at updating things

    lots of things have been happening

    my mom says she wants to see me once a month from now on. 

    She’s just waiting for me to get a job so that she can ask me for money. 

    She’s not moving anymore

    what else is new? uh

    lots but nothing

    oh my art teacher yelled at me when i was at class last

    i guess i didn’t do an assigments right and she got really mad 

    she was like “i know you have an IEP but that’s not an excuss”

    sad part is that i wasn’t going to use that to cover it up.

    i didn’t do the assigment right on purpose! 

    i’m a perfect illogical logical person :D i think …

    How is everyone doing?


  8. I’m promo anyone that tells me the name of this book


    the book is about the girl, Her sister tried to kill herself (if i remember correctly she went to a bridge and took pills and tried to glue her mouth shut) The book is about the the non-suicidal sister. her sister goes to the hospital and “gets better” once she gets home she sleeps a lot. and once the sister starts going back to school she stops taking her meds. So the Non-suicidal sister meets the next door neighbor and he tries to help her help her sister, by telling her thing she could do to help, he uses the excuse that his older brother tried the same thing. she later finds out that he doesn’t have an older brother and he knows all that stuff because he tried to kill himself before. I also think that her sister finally goes to a Hospital to seek perminate help and she didn’t want to see her off but the family waits for her.

    Some of that stuff i might be merging other books in with it :/ 

    ~extra things i Kinda remember~

    I think the suicidal sister name started with a M 

    Her Suicidal sister tells the main person to help her get out (i think)

    There’s a chaper in the book with just one sentence and it’s like (inseart sisters name here) got worse. <something to that effect>

    Something is telling me the cover is brownish/grayish (i might really wrong with that though) 

    I’ll love you for 184353452345234 days times 24332423 +3 

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  9. I wish people

     could just tell me that they don’t like me and then we can get over it


    especially if i know that they don’t

    don’t say it behind a wall >.<

    I can hear you through the wall! 

    i can hear you in the bathroom! hell i can hear you outside talking to yourself about how much you hate me when your drunk :D

    Don’t get mad at me if the next day after you decied to drink that i’m not happy at you. 

    If you heard what you say about me when your drunk but instead i’m saying i’m sure you wouldn’t be happy about it either. 

    I’m just that kid that shouldn’t of been born

    or been put into adoption

    (i always though those foster kids were cooler then us, because they get to imagine what they’re parents are like. while i knew who mine are and how much i shouldn’t of been here. You know? at least those kids get to image and don’t haveta worry about their parents being total Butt holes)

    I’m just stressed out right now sorry 


  10. Have you ever wondered

    Weekday life would be like if just one thing in it disappeared like soap Batteries Sight Sound What would you’re life be like without one thing